apartment in pastrycook’s street



Without resorting to big demolitions, this small intervention intends to laud the already existing spaces allowing light to penetrate previews darker spaces like the middle room. The difference of floor materials make transition between spaces and serving its functions. Creating an open space allows for more maneuver in terms of use and living.


planta para site


Two different materials coexist in the living room bringing the conflict between what intends to be a new intervention in an apartment made of history and memory. The middle room, previously a darker small scale space disappears to give more area to the space the client will be living most of its time, the living room. In this way also the kitchen is provided with better light and more space.



About alexandre vicente

born in 1985, is a portuguese architect with a master degree by the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa with the thesis Surveillance and Frontier, Museum in the Second Line of Defense of Jurumenha between 2010 and 2012 worked at rc+jv arquitectos in some public competitions and made short collaborations with barbini arquitectos and chp arquitectos. in 2010 is the winner of the Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa 2010 student competition with a project for Cova da Moura. in 2012 wins the SECIL Universities Award 2011

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