desafios urbanos 2012


Desafios Urbanos 2012 – Guimarães competition
in collaboration with Tiago Pereira + Carla Gonçalves

Situated in Amadora, the project  belongs to a cohesive and consolidated urban agglomeration of buildings for residential and commercial activities. The intervention instead of trying to destroy the factory, it tries to take advantage of its present qualities, making little interventions consolidating space and program.

It is proposed  a relationship with the environment as a building that seeks continuity relationships with the existing urban fabric. Characterized not as an exceptional building, but as a multi program building that seeks to establish affinities with the construction in the surrounding area.

The large covered patio is the central meeting place for the whole community resident. Tourist areas are sprayed in different areas, at different levels in this way meeting distinct characters of the project. The central courtyard of the building is a bright space, with the temperature controlled from a mechanical ventilation system that takes full advantage of the surrounding natural conditions.


The main access to the equipment i trough Rua Aristides Sousa Mendes. The housing units are located to the south, the east and west in order to take advantage of natural light.
The ground floor of the building is divided into two distinct zones. To the west lies the social areas, administrative and service, which ensure the operation of the building and its relationship with the community. In the east side we find the program especially for the residential users with greater mobility difficulties.

The existence of indoor gardens in the courtyards of the ground floors of the building, allow you to create a relationship of continuity between the building and the adjacent park, the rooftop terrace allows the user to establish direct contact with the outside into the building itself. A garden and various garden plots allow different outdoor and leisure activities.


About alexandre vicente

born in 1985, is a portuguese architect with a master degree by the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa with the thesis Surveillance and Frontier, Museum in the Second Line of Defense of Jurumenha between 2010 and 2012 worked at rc+jv arquitectos in some public competitions and made short collaborations with barbini arquitectos and chp arquitectos. in 2010 is the winner of the Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa 2010 student competition with a project for Cova da Moura. in 2012 wins the SECIL Universities Award 2011

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