nu kre project

After the Lisbon Triennale competition, we were invited by the Association of Cova da Moura to help them with a competition proposed by the Municipality of Amadora.
five thousand euros were to be offered to the best requalification project to help improve the surrounding neighborhoods in more need.

The precise sites of intervention were already selected by the association, but we still needed to decide on the materials. Like in the triennale competition we though of material that we could find on site or were already obtained by the association and the locals. We add access to Viroc panels, concrete and tires from cars. We felt that there was a clear relationship and connection between our ideas and the ones  proposed and intended by association.

Using materials and low resources that were already secured and looking for a better management of the money received we concluded it would be best to choose three spaces and build on them. Because of some bureaucracies imposed by the Amadora Municipality that limited us, in the end it was only possible to construct a space and intervene on a second space by building the formwork.

Introducing three volumes whose combination would offer the possibility of revitalizing his own space and be experienced with quality, and in the process define spaces where cars could not park was one of the intentions.A second intention, assign these volumes a permanent character through the formwork of Viroc and car tires and filled with reinforced concrete. In this way, the ephemeral character would cease to exist. So all this together would be embedded in the culture of who lived there, creating a diluted and permanent character that would be integrated in the environment of Cova da Moura.

About alexandre vicente

born in 1985, is a portuguese architect with a master degree by the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa with the thesis Surveillance and Frontier, Museum in the Second Line of Defense of Jurumenha between 2010 and 2012 worked at rc+jv arquitectos in some public competitions and made short collaborations with barbini arquitectos and chp arquitectos. in 2010 is the winner of the Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa 2010 student competition with a project for Cova da Moura. in 2012 wins the SECIL Universities Award 2011

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