lisbon architecture triennal 2010 – student competition

Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2010 Student Competition – Cova da Moura
in collaboration with Tiago Pereira + Nuno Segura + Maria Macedo

First Prize – Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2010
最優秀賞- リスボン建築トリエンナーレ2010

Situated on the outskirts of Lisbon, Cova da Moura is one of the urban centers of the municipality of Amadora. It is characterized by a morphology of organic character, typical of urban vernacular foundation, often closed, with no definition of public space and steep topography. This neighborhood is home to all, where roads are the dwellings and extension of space common to everyone. Here the streets are more than accesses, are the stage of social expression, generator of identity, social ties, sense of security and well-being.

コヴァ·ダ·モウラはリスボンの郊外に位置し、アマドーラの自治体の都市センターの1つです。 特有な都市部の土地の基盤、有機的な形態が特徴であり、公共空間と急な地形を定義しない、ほぼ閉じられたスペースである。この辺は全ての人々に取ってhomeであり、そこでは道路も住居のような、拡張した共通のスペースである。道はアクセス以上の意味があり、社会的表現、アイデンティティを生み出すもの、社会的繋がり、安心感と幸福感 を得る場である。


The intervention takes focus on the square adjacents to existing equipment, highlighting the structural elements and references of the morphology of the neighborhood. On a larger scale, to mediate the transition from Cova da Moura itself to the surroundings through their entries – the doors of all – the opening to the outside. In summary, the intervention as always a proximity with three structural elements: heritage, public facilities and entrances in the neighborhood.




diagrama2             diagrama3


The design of each space comes from a line that draws, identifies and names. Line that establishes boundaries and contains the actual urban space, which mutates and transforms into volumes where you sit or play, which opens to bring forth a tree, which is hollow to receive rainwater or grows to set highs and contain the ground . In order to enhance the design, create unity and reference, to is elected one material associated with a single color, red pigmented concrete. The choice lies in the significance of what is mass, the red is associated with life, energy, interaction and also to the belonging of many African cultures.





About alexandre vicente

born in 1985, is a portuguese architect with a master degree by the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa with the thesis Surveillance and Frontier, Museum in the Second Line of Defense of Jurumenha between 2010 and 2012 worked at rc+jv arquitectos in some public competitions and made short collaborations with barbini arquitectos and chp arquitectos. in 2010 is the winner of the Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa 2010 student competition with a project for Cova da Moura. in 2012 wins the SECIL Universities Award 2011

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